Tuesday, October 18, 2005

the matrix

When the movie “Matrix” showed in the theaters, I was attracted by it. It’s a science-fiction movie. Also having the well known star that I like him very much, Keanu Reeves.
The movie “Matrix” is divided three parts to show for everyone to see. They all have different names and contents to symbolize their title. The first story called “Matrix”, it started to describe that The Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the true and that real true is very dangerous and unbelievable. And the second is called “Matrix reloaded”, its contents tells everyone must fight for their truth no matter how it’s worth fighting for and dying for. “Matrix Revolution” is the third movie in the Matrix trilogy. In this movie, the “Machine vs. Human War” comes to an end, and the character, Neo, decide to help the Machine to “delete” the wrong program “Smith” In the end, Neo’s sacrifice save the “Machine vs. Human War”…
The movies “Matrix” are the best movie in every movie that I have seen. It gives much enlightenment to me including the fable story and philosophical principles.
I sighed with feeling that sometimes we don’t want to fight for ourselves and that it is the movie wants tell us.